Responsible treatment of people and animals

The cooperation with our suppliers, customers and employees is characterised by a trusting and close relationship. In the production process, we pay great attention to where the goods come from, strict controls and short transport routes.

Regional meat

Gentle and species-appropriate animal breeding and husbandry on nearby farms guarantee the freshness and quality of our products. By employing smart logistics, transport routes are as short as possible. Competent personnel accompany and care for the animals during transport.

Health and hygiene

On arrival at our company, the state of health of each animal is determined and documented by the responsible veterinarian.

Regular and intensive training of the personnel with regard to compliance with hygiene regulations and the use of modern working methods and equipment ensure fresh and hygienically flawless products at all times. Microbiological meat inspections (internal and external) during the production process round off our extensive quality controls. Our hygiene concept complies with the standards of the European Union.

Freshness and transparency

The freshness of the products is guaranteed by gentle cooling methods and an uninterrupted cooling chain.

Complete traceability of each end product from the barn to the shop counter is possible thanks to constantly updated databases, the identification of meat parts and batch formation as well as animal passports, accompanying documents for each animal and ear tags.